2014 Rehabilitating Mapo Oil Depot into a Cultural Depot Park

Mapo Oil Depot – International Competition

Constellation laid on Blanket – Main Strategy

This project aims to bring back the vast beauty of Maebong’s nature and its industrial heritage to the citizens. Making it accessible and inhabitable, an activated topography, it will reveal the beautiful layers of chronological change the hill has gone through.

The focus was transforming this industrial heritage into a receptor to contain culture promoting activities. Liberating the tanks from its retaining wall enclosures prepares them for new programs making the most of its capacity available.

The tanks sit on the topographic pockets adjacent to the main pedestrian path, housing the key programs of the park. Simultaneously, they serve vertical circulation connecting the main pedestrian path to the bowl access levels which are the two main levels of the park. The bowls flexibly contain various programs in their uniquely crafted volume. The tanks and the bowls ultimately become a set of constellation consisting of culture depots layered along the slope of Mt. Maebong.

Architect : YUL Architecture, Inc. + Hee-Won JUNG (france) + Young-Baek KIM (france)

<copyright ⓒ YUL architecture, INC + Hee-Won JUNG + Young-Baek KIM. all right reserved>









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